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Writing home

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Welcome to our audio fiction series, Writing home! In this first episode Milton meets his new neighbour Mei. What do you think he asks her?

In episode 2, Mei writes to her family about Milton. What do you think she says about him?

In episode 3, Milton tells his brother about Mei. Why do you think he is so impressed with her?

In episode 4, we meet Robert, who is writing to his sister about a meeting with his boss. What do you think they talked about?

In episode 5, Mei doesn't find what she was looking for, but she does find something for Milton. What do you think it is?

In episode 6, Milton tells his brother some news. What do you think his news is?

In episode 7, Robert tells his sister about his first meeting with Milton. How do you think it went?

In episode 8, Mei writes home about her first day at work. Do you think she likes her new job?

In episode 9, Robert tells Milton about a job. Do you think Milton will apply for it?

Robert and Mei meet in episode 10. Do you think they'll get along?

In episode 11, Mei talks about her problems at work. What is she going to do?

In episode 12, Milton writes to his brother as he starts his new job. Why do you think he is worried about their mother?

In episode 13, Robert and Mei have dinner together. What do you think they talk about?

Mei speaks up at work in episode 14, and Milton gets some bad news. What do you think has happened?

In episode 15, Milton tells his mother about his time in Belfast. Do you think he's happy there?

In episode 16, Robert tells Mei about his childhood. What do you think is different about it?

In episode 17, Robert gets an important phone call and Mei's boss speaks with her. What do you think they talk about?

In episode 18, Milton gets some good news. What do you think happens?

In episode 19, Robert gets good news, but is confused. What do you think he's confused about?

In the final episode of the series, Milton, Mei and Robert have dinner together. What do you think Milton and Robert will decide to do?